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Personal CIO

myCIO's goal is to serve as a true "Personal Chief Investment Officer (CIO)" on behalf of our clients. myCIO is the former "Ernst & Young Investment Advisory Group" which was separated from Ernst & Young as the result of Sarbanes-Oxley. Our disciplined approach to Comprehensive, Independent, and Objective (CIO) investment advisory services ensures that each portfolio reflects a strategy tailored specifically for each client. Please reference the below listing of investment related services we perform as our client's trusted investment advisor.

  • Manager / Mutual fund selection and implementation of investment strategy
  • Assist in the creation of Investment Policy Statement (IPS) consistent with client's goals and objectives.
  • Ongoing manager/ mutual fund review and due diligence
  • Manager / Mutual fund replacement, as necessary
  • Quarterly detailed review of investment performance, including benchmarking of manager/mutual fund performance against relevant indices
  • Rebalancing of asset allocation as appropriate
  • Review of alternative investments, including hedge funds and private equity
  • Ongoing monitoring of realized gain and loss activity and proactive management of portfolio tax implications
  • Account administration (processing wire letters, journals, trades, etc.)
  • Concentrated Stock Positions and Exit Strategy
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer

myCIO Wealth Partners LLC does not sell investment or insurance products. You can be confident that financial planning information and guidance is coming from a truly Comprehensive, Independent, and an Objective source. The only product we sell is advice.



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