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Fee Only Corporate Executive Financial Planning Services

Corporate Executive Financial Planning

myCIO understands the business world where competition is fierce and change occurs constantly. Your company depends on a management team that stays focused on achieving goals. However, while dealing with those goals, your executives must also work to ensure their own personal financial security. With limited time, resources and increasingly complex benefits and compensation packages, and wealth enhancement opportunities, executives are straining to handle their own money matters.

myCIO offers a comprehensive and objective high-quality corporate executive financial counseling program that will produce positive results for your executives and your organization. myCIO has a proven track record of providing such programs to a broad client base which consists of Institutions, Fortune 500 Companies, Privately Held Companies, and Hospitals. We can help your organization reach their personal financial goals while working to assist your organization with its human resource and business objectives. We offer programs for every level of executive, from those at the very top to those who have just achieved executive status.

myCIO helps clients, -both individuals and organizations, - operate more efficiently, profitably, and successfully. Our executive financial counseling:

  • Provides a disciplined method for the executive to achieve personal financial security;
  • Improves understanding of your organization's benefits and compensation programs, enabling the executive to make choices that will improve his or her financial position;
  • Ensures convenience for your executives by allowing for meetings at times and places that will be agreeable to them and consistent with the overall program;
  • Helps the executive avoid costly financial mistakes and improve his or her ability to increase wealth in the future;
  • Partners with corporate Human Resources leadership to gain a full understanding of all executive benefit plans and works to convey the long-term value of these benefit programs to each executive.

Your executives, feeling more confident that their personal finances are under control, will be able to devote more time to running your company. And because they will better understand and appreciate your benefits and compensation programs, you can expect fewer inquiries from them to your human resource and benefits departments.

myCIO Wealth Partners' executive financial counseling services cover a full range of financial planning issues. Here is a list of service area and the types of assistance that our financial counselors provide:

Multi-Year Cash Flow and Net Worth Statements:

  • Development and analysis of multi-year cash flow and net worth projections;
  • Analysis of financial projections to determine ways to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals;
  • Annual updates to monitor progress.

Stock Option Planning:

  • Analysis of option exercise methods;
  • Consultation on timing of exercise;
  • Preparation of volatility analyses;
  • Assistance in implementing identified investments.

Investment Planning

  • Help in determining overall objectives, target rate of return and risk tolerance;
  • Identification of appropriate investment strategies;
  • Discussion of mutual fund or money manager investment solutions;
  • Assistance in implementing identified investments;
  • Review of investment performance and recommendation for appropriate changes.

Education Funding

Assistance with:

  • Establishing needs and objectives;
  • Developing a systematic plan for saving and coordinating education funding with other financial planning needs;
  • Identification of appropriate funding sources.

Personal Risk Management and Insurance Needs Analysis

  • Review of current personal and group coverage;
  • Assessment of survivor's capital needs;
  • Guidance on appropriate amounts and types of coverage for life, property, casualty and liability insurance.

Retirement Planning

Assistance with establishing retirement income needs and objectives

  • Developing a systematic plan for saving, and coordinating retirement planning with other financial planning needs;
  • Analysis of annuity, lump sum and other distribution options.

Estate Planning

  • Discussion of ways to minimize tax and direct or distribute wealth;
  • Assistance in establishing goals;
  • Survey of current wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and ownership of assets;
  • Recommendations on tax reduction;
  • Discussion of tax planning strategies and family gifting programs.

Personal Debt Management

  • Assistance with developing a budget, restructuring debt, and mortgage and loan refinancing;
  • Discussion of cash management strategies.

Strategic Annual and Transactional Tax Planning

  • Discussion of creative tax reduction strategies;
  • Year-end tax projection and planning;
  • Analysis of withholding and estimated tax payment requirements.

Relocation Planning (Domestic or International)

  • Cost of living comparisons;
  • Discussion of tax implications on the sale of a home and state tax issues and tax aspects;
  • Discussion of tax and financial aspects of the relocation package.

Expatriate Assignment

  • Assessment of the financial impact of the overseas assignment;
  • Discussion of tax issues associated with living abroad;
  • Discussion of estate and investment planning issues due to new assignment.


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