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Institutional CIO Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans

myCIO serves as independent investment advisor to defined benefit and defined contribution plans as plan trustees strive to meet their ongoing obligations under ERISA.

myCIO assists in drafting comprehensive Investment Policy Statements for the plans and reviews existing Statements for thoroughness and completeness. myCIO believes that a well drafted Investment Policy Statement is critical for long term investment success and to ensure fiduciary compliance.

For defined benefit plans, myCIO reviews the plan's current investment strategy to determine its ongoing viability in light of the plan's liability duration and current pension legislation. For defined contribution plans, myCIO reviews the current investment fund line-up to ensure that each plan participant has the opportunity to fully diversify their accounts in accordance with their own needs and risk tolerance. myCIO reviews plan costs to ensure they remain competitive.

On an ongoing basis. myCIO prepares formal quarterly performance reports for both defined benefit and defined contribution plans, comparing performance against pre-established benchmarks and peer groups in strict accordance with the plan's Investment Policy Statement.

Each of myCIO's advisors providing services to defined benefit and defined contribution plans have achieved the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation. Because myCIO is an independent and objective investment advisor, clients can be confident that our advice is motivated solely in their best interest.



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