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Institutional CIO Endowment Trusts and Foundations

Institutional Investment Consulting, Endowments, Trusts, and Foundations

myCIO serves as a Chief Investment Officer to Endowments, Trusts and Foundations providing Investment Policy development and oversight, Asset Allocation review and Performance Measurement Services.

myCIO helps Fiduciaries assess whether Alternative Investments are appropriate given their goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

myCIO negotiates all fees and expenses using the substantial asset base as leverage to lower the overall investment management expense.

Our Investment Management Consulting Process

Phase 1

Analyze your current position and future needs

  • Review current investment situation
  • Establish investment goals and objectives
    • Time horizon
    • Risk tolerance
    • Identify target rate of return
    • Income/liquidity

Phase 2

Determine optimum asset allocation; create investment policy

  • Prepare asset allocation study which reflects appropriate Risk/Return ratio
  • Policy statement prepared
    • Stated goals and objectives
    • Selected asset classes
    • Strategic asset allocation
    • Performance measurement criteria
    • Manager/mutual fund selection criteria
    • Review procedures for managers

Phase 3

Implement your investment strategy

  • Establish search criteria
  • Search/Select individual managers/funds
  • Manager/Fund due diligence
  • Negotiate/Select custodian and manager fee arrangement
  • Oversee implementation

Phase 4

Portfolio review, Performance Analysis and Rebalance

  • Periodic performance reporting and review
  • Review manager activities
  • Re-balance portfolio to target asset allocation
  • Retain/Replace managers


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